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@WesternRly (Western Railway) tweeted:

Western Railway is changing lives of the special people with its special initiatives. Know what are they. Keep chec… https://t.co/so7Ebae7Bb


Happy #internationaldisabilityday! "Your attitude towards persons with disabilities may be our biggest handicap an… https://t.co/eB9XPUuzFB

@sister_hood_mag (sister-hood) tweeted:

Tanzila Khan is a disability rights activist, author, motivational speaker and a change-maker in #Pakistan.… https://t.co/I9pjNNjecA

@WesternRly (Western Railway) tweeted:

Watch our page to know how WR is changing lives of the special people with its special initiatives.… https://t.co/xeBAhaeUsL

@parasapo (パラサポ) tweeted:


@henleycareers (Henley Careers) tweeted:

How often do you make sure what you are saying and doing includes everyone who you are addressing's needs? This… https://t.co/o70cDOKN9o

@DrJessBoland (Dr Jessica Boland) tweeted:

Happy #InternationalDisabilityDay! Super excited to announce that @tigerinstemm have released a preprint of our rep… https://t.co/g3AQugvk59

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Videogames are just one aspect more where people with disabilities face challenges, but just like in real life we c… https://t.co/pfQSw9KuXW

@JackSleepwalker (Jack Sleepwalker Sic) tweeted:

Mein Beitrag zum #InternationalDisabilityDay - Urlaub vor 2 Jahren: "Daaa! (mit Finger zeig) Warum wird der Junge… https://t.co/31QOwqDk3W

@GEMReport (UN Education Report) tweeted:

Inclusion in education does not come from the top-down, but must involve a supportive environment and community… https://t.co/zKkcrrTIbM

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