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Trend time: Tue Dec 03, 2019
Trend location: United Arab Emirates / United Arab Emirates
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@JP_Marongiu (@JP_Marongiu) tweeted:

Les Frères musulmans infiltrent et noyautent notre société. Une de leurs armes ? Le 'media' @ajplusfrancais Commen… https://t.co/yWO00bUbqX

@Emnetian (Emnet Andu) tweeted:

They said 1. #TPLF 2. #CIA 3. Sanction 4. #Egypt 5. #Qatar The saga of the blame game from Gov of

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

افتتاح مشروع إعادة تأهيل المعهد الدبلوماسي بتمويل من صندوق #قطر للتنمية وذلك بهدف تعزيز جهود حكومة #الصومال في الاس… https://t.co/4uJkpJniA4

@CesarMorenoH (Cesar Moreno) tweeted:

antes de otro fracaso en la @CopaAmerica #CopaAmérica2020 y de que inicien las eliminatorias para #Qatar… https://t.co/XKRqIWFD3J

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#مترو_الدوحة يسجل 95 ألف رحلة في يوم 2 ديسمبر #خليجي24 #قطر #Qatar https://t.co/h8Im26mwQL

@PeninsulaQatar (The Peninsula) tweeted:

High traffic recorded as thousands of football fans opt for Doha Metro #Qatar @metrotram_qa https://t.co/bEaug7PyRc

@vanish_forever (Vani Saraswathi) tweeted:

Never worried about my teenaged daughter going out in #Qatar, an Islamic country. Even 20y ago I could go out middl… https://t.co/QGA6LTV9fk

@AnujChopra (Anuj Chopra) tweeted:

#BREAKING @AFP: #Saudi king invites #Qatar's emir to GCC summit in Riyadh: Qatar state media Reconciliation summit? @waltonjourn

@Qatar_Weather (أرصاد قطر) tweeted:

Good Evening. Generally mild weather across the country with mostly Northerly light wind. Misty conditions are like… https://t.co/gMNVubONqg

@Salansar1 (Salman Al-Ansari سلم) tweeted:

Acts of terror do not happen in a vacuum. The recent #TerroristAttack in #London was no doubt inspired by extremis… https://t.co/WZt7wcFXY8

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