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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade @RetcH07BIX https://t.co/OHjukB1piR

@TheKnicksWall (The Knicks Wall) tweeted:

#TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade https://t.co/kQCu1BBCuw

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I still quote this TO THIS DAY #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade https://t.co/q3XxZXTIh5

@elmer_ramos11 (Elmer Ramos Q) tweeted:

RT @sherrie_bp: #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade a vine original but still a twitter favorite

@victorialewie (V) tweeted:

RT @The_Nifemi: #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade is incomplete without this Grammy moment. https://t.co/qYuey8lb0f

@Live4themoment3 (Andy) tweeted:

RT @ATMEYOUCUNT: #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade okay but how tf we gon forget this

@Sharonn_96 (Sharonn) tweeted:

RT @chelseabazz: #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade just gonna add this classic

@sam_nicole983 (Samantha Bonneksen) tweeted:

RT @PRINCE_Xtra: This will forever be the best reply we’ve seen on twitter #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade https://t.co/bDexZNQPKk

@amcommisso (wednesday addams) tweeted:

RT @G0lden_dvisy: This video be SENDING ME #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade https://t.co/ljTPzB5M4r

@RunItUpLivy (L I V) tweeted:

RT @CaldwellJrArts: AND YOU CANT DO THIS, ON CONCRETE!!!! #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade https://t.co/psG4eU3Akt

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