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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Zamboanga City / Philippines
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@BadtripKaDre (BADTRIP) tweeted:

Lahat nalang ng kakainin mo ii-INSTAGRAM mo pa? Baka gusto mong gawing MENU yang instagram mo? #AngSarapPatayin

@BadtripKaDre (BADTRIP) tweeted:

Sa iba, ang bilis niyang magreply. Sayo hindi. Tapos sasabihin niyang seryoso siya sayo? Aba! #AngSarapPatayin

@alvinojohn1996 () tweeted:

Pa-major subject.

@BadtripKaDre (BADTRIP) tweeted:

First spot again ang #AngSarapPatayin mga killers. Nag rretweet po ako ng mga original tweets.

@ryanlaborxe (Ryan Laborxé) tweeted:

That person who acts like an angel in front of you but stabs you in the back. #AngSarapPatayin

@NormsOfficial (Normie Millendez) tweeted:

That classmate who told you that he/she didn't study for the exam but ended up getting the highest grade. #AngSarapPatayin

@ () tweeted:

"#AngSarapPatayin" is now trending at rank 3 world wide

@BabyLoveCamz (아만다) tweeted:

Those people who keeps on flirting with your partner. #AngSarapPatayin

@greyexplicit (.) tweeted:

People that only know you if they 'need' you but when things get rough, biglang AMNESIA! Edi wow. #AngSarapPatayin

@anamariexx_ (amyramorez) tweeted:

Those people who act like you're very CLOSEFRIENDS when they need you. but when you need them, they don't know you. #AngSarapPatayin

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