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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Zamboanga City / Philippines
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@AngKatanungan (Katanungan) tweeted:

#PagAko minahal mo asahan mo ikaw lang ang mamahalin ko. ♥

@AngKatanungan (Katanungan) tweeted:

#PagAko Naging presidente ipapa WiFi ko buong pilipinas!

@JM25ilsg (J.M.) tweeted:

#PagAko nagmahal, asahan mong totoo at pangmatagalan.

@MrNeilIvan (nil) tweeted:

#PagAko Nagtampo. Be sure to say sorry to me 'cause I don't know how to swallow my pride. And with me, it's you that's always wrong, NOT ME

@cloeiiramirez (Clong) tweeted:

#PagAko Nagsalita http://t.co/ACHecb8YBO

@AngKatanungan (Katanungan) tweeted:

#PagAko iniwan mo, you'll realize that you just make the biggest mistake of your life.

@sunny_zaida (Zaida Regala) tweeted:

#PagAko Nawala feelings ko sayo who you ka saken.

@AbaOkayAhPosts (Aba, Okay Ah! ☝) tweeted:

"#PagAko ang pumayat at gumanda, ' who you ' ka talaga."

@AMBSalvador (Aud®ey) tweeted:

“@AbaOkayAhPosts: "#PagAko nakamove-on, tignan lang natin kung sinong manghihinayang."”

@borgesplurge (BORGE) tweeted:

#PagAko nagkaroon ng special someone I will value that person so much. ❤️

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