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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Zamboanga City / Philippines
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@ranzkyle (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

RK New Video #BoysVSGirls | 5


RK New Video #BoysVSGirls

@ranzkyle (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

#BoysVSGirls Sino ang mas nagmamahal? ;) https://t.co/rlY78PxYhu

@gemariebolea (G) tweeted:

Marvelous : Eh bakit kayo nambababae? Ranz : Hindi naman ako... hindi naman ako..

@ranzkyle (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

#BoysVSGirls Sino naman ang mas nasasaktan? :o https://t.co/rlY78PxYhu

@ranzkyle (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

#BoysVSGirls Sino ang nakikipagbati pagka nagaaway? :o https://t.co/rlY78PxYhu

@zafa_sweetheart (Zhafa) tweeted:

#RanztersRapopo Rk New Video #BoysVSGirls @ranzkyle :(( I'm BROKEN

@ranzkyle (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

RK New Video #BoysVSGirls Hope you guys enjoyed my new video! give it a thumbs up and share! https://t.co/rlY78PxYhu

@tesalin_ (Tesa) tweeted:

@ranzkyle TRENDING TOPIC,RANZ! HAHAA^__^ http://t.co/BmgUo1aVQ8 ❤❤ RK New Video #BoysVSGirls http://t.co/zVImHVudx7

@tesalin_ (Tesa) tweeted:

@ranzkyle Udah naik ke trending topic ke-3 :) #BoysVSGirls

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