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Hottest Loveteam

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Zamboanga City / Philippines
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@iRicaTagapan (Rica Tagapan) tweeted:

Grab a copy of Inside Showbiz FEATURING the hottest loveteam today our very own James Reid and Nadine Lustre. :))))) http://t.co/jysAVpVUgp

@jaaawdine (Nadine) tweeted:

Hottest loveteam i know ❤ both look gorgeous and hot JaDineSerye In Dreamscape

@justmejcstyle (STYLE) tweeted:

"Phenominal Loveteam" "Hottest Loveteam" "Royal Loveteam" - KATHNIEL #KathNielRoadToASAP20 http://t.co/zyRMyOShTJ

@baliford (tangi ) tweeted:

i feel so proud everytime i heard other big stars in the industry labelled kathniel as ‘hottest loveteam’

@baliford (tangi ) tweeted:

they're not only the hottest loveteam but they're also the coolest loveteam

@KathWinkies (Official Kathwinkies) tweeted:

Next na ang Hottest Loveteam.

@bernarbrokath (shehan) tweeted:

Hottest Loveteam

@plownyenye (//) tweeted:

Hottest Loveteam? This.

@ColaBoink (© Coláchá) tweeted:

#KathNielOnItsShowtime (1st) and Hottest Loveteam

@hellobangsiePH (kyla marie) tweeted:

"@JaDineAngels: sila talaga ang.... Hottest LoveTeam http://t.co/GLvMDLCYiy"

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