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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Quezon City / Philippines
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@PapatayinKoKayo (PAPATAYIN KITA™) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ng mga taong sinasabing "Single ako!" O tapos? Gusto mong may lumandi sayo? ULUL WALANG PAPATOL SAYO!

@DavidsonSiete (Davidson) tweeted:

People who disappear in the middle of conversation.. #AngSarapPatayin

@lizcela50 (#TeamPusongAsul :)) tweeted:

When bae likes another girls selfie

@piIosopotasyo (—cillo) tweeted:

This feels bro

@rojiet02 (rj) tweeted:

Feeling major subjects

@PsstMiss (Hi Baby ♡) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ng mga paasa.

@acethtic (mardy bum) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ni.. oh so many to mention. http://t.co/ttry272Mlm

@PapatayinKoKayo (PAPATAYIN KITA™) tweeted:

Killers i'll retweet your #AngSarapPatayin tweets kaya tweet lang kayo.

@fordxmartinez (ANDREA) tweeted:

“@yeppeonim: Yung lalaking pinagpalit ako sa seafood #AngSarapPatayin”

@KenzaMorsliMag (KenzaMorsli Magazine) tweeted:

follow http://t.co/Y1KWxHlNRv http://t.co/R0WB8JfMOM #FıratÇakıroğlu #N1CanalFiesta8 #AngSarapPatayin

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