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@FlashmanJ (J Flashman) tweeted:

Time for the weekly 'guess the future serial killer' competition #UniversityChallenge https://t.co/HnXwLako5q

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#UniversityChallenge fans, if you missed #MonkmanAndSeagull's Genius Guide to Britain, episode 2 Wales tomorrow 7.3… https://t.co/ed9i7Emjxf

@tim_brannigan (Tim Brannigan) tweeted:

I shouted the name of every artist from the Renaissance to Cubism and still didn’t get a single answer. #UniversityChallenge

@74JLP (Jeff Peace) tweeted:

Well just watched #mastermind #onlyconnect and #UniversityChallenge and feel utterly thick! Normally get quite a fe… https://t.co/mX8DZfq6jc

@AndrewJazzie (Andrew Jazzie) tweeted:

That”s the example you want from your Captain. Take a bow Jones - you were amazing. #UniversityChallenge https://t.co/TOHiv01fTr

@ChrisMPhotos (Chris Marchant) tweeted:

Stevens imitating the whole country when "you'll hear a piece of classical music" comes up on #UniversityChallenge https://t.co/j02ilQG4OZ

@liquidhistours (Liquid History Tours) tweeted:

Maggi Hambling’s statue of Oscar Wilde has never “stood” in Adelaide Street. He always takes it all lying down.… https://t.co/DBqkQeKGOn

@stefanosoro (Stefano Soro) tweeted:

@WolfsonCollege’s #Jones is a real class act. Chapeau. #UniversityChallenge

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

There's a Moon on #UniversityChallenge ! Maybe he's that long lost uncle that none of us are allowed to talk about… https://t.co/uftojIM4Y1

@westburtonlad (Turlough) tweeted:

@mc_tone Unlike Walker #UniversityChallenge

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