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@aajtak (आज तक) tweeted:

सत्य नडेला ने भी #CAA पर रखी अपनी राय #SatyaNadella https://t.co/uM420QPYBn

@ashoswai (Ashok Swain) tweeted:

Bhakts have gone super crazy after #SatyaNadella's criticism of #CAA_NRC_NPR - But, who gave these Bhakts the audac… https://t.co/w697MkuO23

@dibang (Dibang) tweeted:

मुझे लगता है कि जो हो रहा है वह दुखद है...यह बुरा है....मैं एक ऐसे बांग्लादेशी अप्रवासी को देखना पसंद करूंगा जो भार… https://t.co/ZC9cCy4fTl

@devashishdash (Devashish Das) tweeted:

Satya Nadella went to US legally & then he became Microsoft CEO...No one stops a Bagladeshi to come legally to Indi… https://t.co/mg4PYR

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Aap log Chronology samjhiye... #Satyanadella https://t.co/KQXY84LMQ5

@sankrant (Sankrant Sanu सानु स) tweeted:

Sad to hear uninformed comments from #satyanadella. We had interacted a little bit while at Microsoft. Problem st… https://t.co/KudhWhy6x8

@BBCHindi (BBC News Hindi) tweeted:

#SatyaNadella: माइक्रोसॉफ्ट के CEO सत्या नडेला ने CAA को कहा- 'दुखद और बुरा' https://t.co/xkwkRItInr

@Oneindia (OneIndia) tweeted:

@Microsoft @satyanadella Later, in a statement tweeted by @MicrosoftIndia from its official handle, @satyanadella s… https://t.co/lsceJ4Lhud

@MehHarshil (Harshil હર્ષિલ) tweeted:

What #SatyaNadella had commented on the India is too diplomatic. He took side of national security and borders bu… https://t.co/7iJNEkRFAx

@sagarikaghose (Sagarika Ghose) tweeted:

It takes #SatyaNadella to remind us that its an open humane society that can create a talent-rewarding growing econ… https://t.co/MaDP9Z9z3p

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