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Trend time: Tue Jan 14, 2020
Trend location: Philadelphia / United States
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@freedomquadrant (Peter Pocklington) tweeted:

@kristenkurtis once again XPN hit a quality home run. Although disorienting at first the #TTTXPN Time Tunnel Tuesda… https://t.co/EwPKBnTht0

@pjmccarthy63 (PJ McCarthy) tweeted:

For all the pleasure I get from @wxpnfm and @xpnmorningshow , I have to say my entire 15 minute commute and Kraftwe… https://t.co/rzIYXNdAjo

@PaulMick (Paul Mick) tweeted:

@kristenkurtis Yes! #TTTXPN 1975 @xpn @herbiehancock @dark_shark @kraftwerk @springsteen I'm 18, cruising in my yel… https://t.co/cDfmH9I165

@DJRobertDrake (DJ Robert Drake ) tweeted:

@pjmccarthy63 @wxpnfm @xpnmorningshow Wow - forget the music, I’d be grateful for a short 15 minute commute! LOL!

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