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Trend time: Tue Jan 14, 2020
Trend location: Stuttgart / Germany
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@drandreaskruger (Andreas Krüger) tweeted:

"Most Australians do NOT support this disastrous coal mine ... every company associated with Adani faces serious RE… https://t.co/j83ev6DpVU

@Tashiwityar () tweeted:

@JoeKaeser @JoeKaeser On the 15/12/19 you tweeted this I want to thank everyone for reaching out on the #Adani p… https://t.co/pofrriHoR7

@rjstrikers (Roberto Jones) tweeted:

@KetanJ0 @Siemens There is no separating the political from adani, it is intertwined. It is open corruption & organ… https://t.co/Pl0KtO

@Schtang () tweeted:

@JoeKaeser can you post a copy of the letter you sent @mattjcan requesting a response? If you truly are transparent. #auspol #adani

@simonahac () tweeted:

@BLShiv @mattjcan @Siemens @JoeKaeser #adani carmichael coal is poor — high-ash, low-energy.

@NickRossTech (Nick Ross) tweeted:

Climate Criminal. How can anyone justify helping Adani build the world's largest coal mine in this day and age? I g… https://t.co/mUFYVzxYOz

@Girrali (Girrali ) tweeted:

@JoeKaeser There's no future for companies choosing to exacerbate #GlobalWarming. #Siemans are exposed colluding w… https://t.co/AJsw1TnG9c

@Ctl_Alt_Del (CtlAltDel) tweeted:

#Adani is granted huge amounts of water. Can someone explain why farmers are not setting fire to Parliament House and lynching #NATS

@jdoeschner (Jürgen Döschner) tweeted:

Sehenswert! @boerseARD #Adani @SiemensDE #Klimakrise #FridaysForFuture https://t.co/Z0XqkG9K2a

@Jumpsteady (Michael Flammer ) tweeted:

„Die Entscheidung von @JoeKaeser war vermutlich eine historische Fehlentscheidung, denn das #Adani-Projekt ist nur… https://t.co/XZG2J3SneF

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