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@LuisIpa07 () tweeted:

SO WHO YOU GUYS GOT? #LSUvsCLEM #collegefootball #NationalChampionship #Unity #Equality @LSUfootball @ClemsonFB… https://t.co/O9uc465LSV

@Talkmaster (Neal Boortz) tweeted:

Trump shows up at Championship game. Crowd goes wild. #LSUvsCLEM

@jayrybak19 (Jason Rybak) tweeted:

Can't wait to see how the #FakeNewsMedia tries to spin this one... #trump #NationalChampionship #LSUvsCLEM #MAGA2020 https://t.co/BFfLASzbWz

@LuisIpa07 () tweeted:

Congratulations @Joe_Burrow10 and @LSUfootball! You guys deserved that win! See you in the @NFL Joe! #CLEMvsLSU… https://t.co/sNP94dak0D

@JaeHeadOfficial (Jae Head) tweeted:

i did it!!!!

@KashJackson2018 (Kash Jackson) tweeted:

Good morning America. LSU Tigers are the undisputed and undefeated National Champions and Donald Trump is your Pres… https://t.co/GCa5ACTQ3e

@RawMikeRichards (Mike Richards) tweeted:

. This is sensational!! #boss #LSUvsCLEM #joeburrow @sauga960am @DavidBastl @Flapjack92 https://t.co/CfW0CdVvHM

@OTB_KJ (KJ) tweeted:

RT @MrGrey_: Better late than never but it’s time

@LoisLjgood (Lois Goodwin) tweeted:

RT @SteveGuest: The crowd went absolutely wild for @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS at the College Football National Championship game as t…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @TravisAllen02: Someone threw a beer at Trump at the National Championship. It was a draft, so he easily dodged it. #LSUvsCLEM

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