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Trend time: Tue Jan 14, 2020
Trend location: Malaga / Spain
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@StuartMcGinley (Stuart McGinley) tweeted:

From today Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft.. still running XP on an old laptop and it’s more rel… https://t.co/37wV9jXcTy

@uniCOrN_2020_ (UniCOrN ) tweeted:

Bye Bye #Windows7 #Windows7サポート終了 te rendiremos homenaje en la próxima #UniC0rN

@Agredo10 (Christian Agredo) tweeted:

Für alle heutigen Umsteiger von #Windows7 auf #Windows10 #LifeHack #Nr1 Neues Snipping Tool auf die Drucktaste lege… https://t.co/zAIKaAi8io

@petricca8 (Odd-Jobs Matt ) tweeted:

RT @Aakash_AS7: Goodbye ol fren

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#Windows7 has finished support, make sure to update to Windows 10 to continue to get new features and security updates.

@MissTenaeT (Tenaé) tweeted:

RT @brooksbaptiste: HEADS UP: After today, Microsoft will no longer support #Windows7, which is used on a third of PCs globally. @FCN2go #G…

@JonTalbain2015 (Alex the Gaming Boy) tweeted:

RT @PorreKaj: Millions of #Windows7 clients today. https://t.co/SzKEQqMl1c

@KatherineGanzel (Katherine A. Ganzel) tweeted:

RT @PulpLibrarian: Farewell #Windows7. The angels are waiting at the Pearly Gates to receive you. Press any key to continue... https://t.co…

@JonTalbain2015 (Alex the Gaming Boy) tweeted:

RT @TyMoTech: Starting today if your computer is running Windows 7, you and your computer are at risk. #Windows7 #Microsoft https://t.co/qA…

@JonTalbain2015 (Alex the Gaming Boy) tweeted:

RT @masonmosconi: Long live Windows 7. The best OS ever made. You will be missed. October 22, 2009 - January 14, 2020 #Windows7 #Windows10…

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