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Trend time: Tue Jan 14, 2020
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@CitrixPartners (CitrixPartnerNetwork) tweeted:

#CitrixSummit Day 1 has been one for the books! Check out all the highlights and what you may have missed: https://t.co/w3rC1TmQFW

@BasvanKaam (Bas van Kaam) tweeted:

If you are attending #CitrixSummit and you would like to share some of your experiences so far... keep an eye out f… https://t.co/XhG15kL0oq

@CitrixPartners (CitrixPartnerNetwork) tweeted:

#CitrixSummit 2021 FLASH SALE!

@tellmers (Thorsten Ellmers) tweeted:

big thanks to the Sponsors making this possible‼️

@Schmiddi_link (Christoph Link) tweeted:

@mohrpheus78 is guiding customer through ADC CVE fixing short before #CitrixSummit keynote. This is… https://t.co/rJ0W1nsGIE

@reillyusa (Christian Reilly) tweeted:

Anyone else notice the hat tip to Mike Hussey and Mark Butcher in the demo from @sameerjme ? Cricket

@sridharcitrix (Sridhar Mullapudi) tweeted:

@sameerjme rocking the #CitrixSummit stage with @pjhough showcasing our new performance analytics solution for… https://t.co/b9XVtukFLQ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @juancitrix: @sameerjme showcasing performance analytics #CitrixSummit https://t.co/3DgYk9WS8n

@NetScalerTaylor (NetScalerTaylor) tweeted:

@CitrixPartners Californ-I-A. May favourite #CitrixSummit venue https://t.co/b54d6F9Syy

@mobileruiz (Ana Ruiz) tweeted:

@sameerjme talking about another topic I am very excited about, Citrix Analytics #CitrixSummit… https://t.co/9qdgXaXPYt

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