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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

تو تظاهرات تنها نباشید! جای خلوت نباشید! بی سلاح نباشید! ی چوبی، چاقویی، میله ای بلاخره ی چیز پیدا میشه همراه خودتو… https://t.co/s9kZZQVTqg

@santysaufbler (Santiago) tweeted:

RT @HananyaNaftali: Heartbreaking! Iranian-Canadian husband who lost his wife in the Ukrainian plane crash cries: "She was always happy. We…

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RT @GadflyPersia: Remember when @IlhanMN downplayed 9/11 and said: “Some people did something”? Now, #NancyPelosiFakeNews downplays #IranP…

@SoyLuisCordero (Luis Cordero) tweeted:

RT @MaihenH: ATENCION | El régimen de #Iran está tratando no solo de obligar a los estudiantes a caminar sobre banderas EEUU

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RT @HeshmatAlavi: @khamenei_ir Jan 14 - Tehran, #Iran Tehran University Students chanting: "Death to tyrants! Be it the Shah or the leader…

@cjcodrick (Cindy Adams) tweeted:

RT @ChanelRion: Iranian demonstrators storming Khamenei's office in the city now chanting "death for the dictator, death for the dictator"…

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@realDonaldTrump #MIGA #FreeIran #IranProtests2020

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RT @Mahyar45779554:

@BASH1955 (Bob) tweeted:

RT @BabakTaghvaee: #BREAKING: Students of Medical University of #Tehran have also joined the #IranProtests2020 against #Iran's Islamic Regi…

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