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Trend time: Thu Jan 23, 2020
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@Playabets (Playa Bets) tweeted:

#PlayaBetsPolls Competition

@RichFay (Rich Fay) tweeted:

Mason Greenwood's role on the bench is disappointing, but makes some sense given the lack of options in the squad.… https://t.co/n6u7o9e8m8

@MUFC_Charlotte (Queen City Red Devil) tweeted:

Phil Jones is having the game of his life. Maybe we'll get a temporary tattoo just to show our appreciation. #GGMU #MUFC #MUNBUR

@ShonOsimbo (Shon Osimbo - Kasyul) tweeted:

Burnley Complicating Ole’s Life At Old Trafford. Will Man United Manage To Pull A Comeback In The Second Half?… https://t.co/vEmMVxfUu4

@JPGCupido (Jaze ) tweeted:

Get Perreira TF off!!! Let Martial and James on the wings, Mata 10 and Greenwood on top.. FFS!! @reshmikasingh #MUNBUR

@Pedro_killz (donpedro) tweeted:

Please don't annoy me guys !! Stop updating

@NAKanaaneh (Kanaaneh IV) tweeted:

C'est La 1ère Fois D'ma Vie Que J'vois Les Supporters Quitter Old Trafford À La 83ème. #MUNBUR #MUFC #PL

@Scholar_Nadis (Ezebuiro) tweeted:

Forget De gea, man utd fans refuse to adhere to simple advise.. Lower your expectations and stay happy like the ars… https://t.co/xmE4vJtaiN

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hope you enjoyed it #MUNBUR https://t.co/DKZDwEDkS2

@nayikwei (JOLAH) tweeted:

"I rejected an offer from Torino" - Kwesi Appiah, Ex Black Stars coach. me: Aaah! so my former coach na better pas… https://t.co/33dOHt9hCq

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