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Trend time: Thu Jan 23, 2020
Trend location: Stuttgart / Germany
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@joe_landon (Joe Landon) tweeted:

“We now have the tech to deploy fleets of autonomous sensors in the oceans that can swarm to investigate problems”… https://t.co/vNyhpCszKn

@IvanDuque (Iván Duque) tweeted:

Comenzamos último día de trabajo en #Davos con un desayuno con empresarios interesados en invertir en Colombia, y o… https://t.co/bxS7ww5ntv

@QuickTake (QuickTake by Bloombe) tweeted:

“Political will is itself a renewable resource.” Former vice president and environmentalist Al Gore compared the c… https://t.co/sVnyhuoQxk

@georginagodwin (Georgina Godwin) tweeted:

The Globalist from Zurich & London with me & @benrylan Chad Thomas of @Bloomberg #WEF @BillLaw49 #MBS #Bezos… https://t.co/xKt2BRKcB

@WPLeadersOrg (Women Political Lead) tweeted:

#wef20 | Words are not enough to close the gender gap. Fortunately, institutions, companies and individuals accross… https://t.co/XCPBT8x9Xe

@Bluemarinef (BlueMarineFoundation) tweeted:

"On average the biomass of fish inside fully protected areas is 6 times greater than in fished areas nearby. And be… https://t.co/yV1yMI7kax

@Piers_Corbyn (Piers Corbyn) tweeted:

#CoronaVirus CAUSED BY #GLOBALWARMING! I made It Up to beat next #Davos LIE! BEWARE @wef #ClimateEmergency doom is… https://t.co/EVw24UxwZl

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Da #Davos Trump avverte la #UE: "misure dolorose" (alias nuovi dazi) senza nuovi accordi commerciali in tempi brevi… https://t.co/ee5V5XXDZN

@amanie_geha (أماني جحا) tweeted:

هيي مش مستفزّة المذيعة.. انتو بس لي معودّين عالنعومة

@QuickTake (QuickTake by Bloombe) tweeted:

WATCH: The Prince of Wales meets activist @GretaThunberg to discuss the climate crisis at #Davos #WEF20 https://t.co/vTtjyMrcIV

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