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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Each #Davos I take time to scribble in my gratitude journal. This year I was grateful for myself. Without me the wo… https://t.co/BkHqpAvms6

@IvanDuque (Iván Duque ) tweeted:

#Davos Dialogamos con @IvankaTrump sobre el trabajo que hacemos en el gobierno por el empoderamiento de las mujeres… https://t.co/PvX523l2ec

@medyaadami (medya adamı) tweeted:

Hazine ve Maliye Bakanı Berat Albayrak: Türkiye Merkez Bankası, en az ABD Merkez Bankası FED kadar bağımsız.… https://t.co/mtywUuZgnc

@carmenbeat (Carmen Beatriz Ferná) tweeted:

@wef 28 años después Venezuela vuelve a #Davos a pedir compromiso global en la recuperación de su democracia. De al… https://t.co/08YnBICaNb

@TheSWPrincess (Leia) tweeted:

Trump confessed from #Davos that the White House is hiding evidence from Congressional Dems. Every single… https://t.co/JnA8x849j9

@UNDP (UN Development) tweeted:

Do you have what you need to realize your potential? What are those measures of success? Our… https://t.co/3Izgt8Gutd

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

ما حدا قدر يعمل جبران باسيل ممسحة قد جبران باسيل ! بهدل حالو ما بهدلنا ، حتى العالم صار يعرف انو جبران لا يمثل لبن… https://t.co/4RtA43kNkz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Für Merkel ist #Trump der Gegner. Das muss diese Anti-Amerika-Merkel sein, die Presidential Medal of Freedom, Kiss… https://t.co/jMPhzP5i0G

@EvanKirstel (Evan Kirstel #Remote) tweeted:

#Apple blasted by Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz in #Davos for failing to pay taxes @9to5mac #wef20… https://t.co/Jq9hY4S7Pf

@EvanKirstel (Evan Kirstel #Remote) tweeted:

#5G a hot topic at #davos #wef20 https://t.co/XLnDnprUJv

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