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Trend time: Thu Jan 23, 2020
Trend location: Cologne / Germany
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@BofA_News (Bank of America News) tweeted:

@Cfrtyyr Stay in the know about all things #WEF20. Scroll through

@IvanDuque (Iván Duque ) tweeted:

#Davos Es grato poderles comentar a los inversionistas del mundo que el crecimiento de Colombia en 2019 estuvo por… https://t.co/ia6nVJMP94

@redfishstream (redfish) tweeted:

It's 1 year since Juan Guaido's failed US-backed coup in Venezuela and today he's speaking in #Davos. Hear from th… https://t.co/wasU8SsVqN

@erik_fluegge (Erik Flügge) tweeted:

Angela Merkel in #Davos: "Wir müssen die Emotionen mit den Fakten versöhnen". Vielleicht stellen wir Angela… https://t.co/2lV4li11kd

@JorgeEduDiaz (Jorge Eduardo Díaz ) tweeted:

Duque anuncia en #Davos que el principal desafío de nuestra época es el cambio climático, mientras tanto en… https://t.co/3tJlSzbefu

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Today the @wef has 44 Global Lighthouse factories with Schneider Electric having 2 of them with the edition this y… https://t.co/mXsejoeyTM

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

As I wrap up my time here in #Davos, it's clear that #Sustainability and #Digitization really drove the discussions… https://t.co/JudrmWl2mW

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Universities are for #learning NOT #hazing #universities should suspend #BadBoysForLife #BadBoys #students involve… https://t.co/K0EebHMnpc

@EevaLaavakari (Eeva Laavakari) tweeted:

"We all have to fight each and every day for equality, for a better life. It's very important for everyone to step… https://t.co/a7LmZEyMqY

@LMirako (Lisa Mirako) tweeted:

Vollständige Rede von #Trump in #Davos auf Deutsch (damit #Habeck auch versteht, worüber er so peinlich höhnt) «Di… https://t.co/B46YcvvQv3

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