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Trend time: Thu Jan 23, 2020
Trend location: Hamburg / Germany
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@ASteiner (Achim Steiner) tweeted:

Great to spend a few moments with @JosephEStiglitz at #WEF20 to reflect on how #climate change & #SDGs are shaping… https://t.co/1C2yblL

@JayNibbe (Jay Nibbe) tweeted:

Thanks to Rula Tarawhen and @CNBCArabia for an enjoyable interview yesterday. Great to speak to you about the accel… https://t.co/f9h69cPKoR

@IlonaKickbusch (Ilona Kickbusch) tweeted:

The Economist promotes tobacco at the #WEF20 - confronting #cdoh is clearly a global challenge https://t.co/P26r15Ojsz

@Katja_Iversen (Katja Iversen) tweeted:

@Saudi_Aramco (أرامكو) tweeted:

كعادتنا السنوية، نسلّط الضوء في المنتدى الاقتصادي العالمي #WEF20 على أهمية المزج بين العلوم والفنون لتحقيق آفاق جدي… https://t.co/6LkgbqeeIA

@cepal_onu (CEPAL) tweeted:

Las protestas en #AméricaLatina y el #Caribe tienen un hilo común: la #desigualdad, no la #pobreza. Las protestas p… https://t.co/qyQK0fY4te

@uniglobalunion (UNI Global Union) tweeted:

We need to change how our economy works: ✅More power to working people! ✅More collective bargaining! #WEF20 https://t.co/5wTbbJsE2j

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

"We are acting as though we’re trying to make money in the Titanic casino, after it has hit the iceberg. We must ur… https://t.co/lfX3ifHIKq

@BloombergLive (Bloomberg Live) tweeted:

ICYMI: @circulareconomy’s @andrew_morlet joined us on stage at the #SmartEconomy. "We’ve embedded this notion of di… https://t.co/M39tZZ9ENw

@UN_Women (UN Women) tweeted:

✉️ @madeleine ✉️ @MaEllenSirleaf ✉️ @Winnie_Byanyima ✉️ @mbachelet ✉️ @timberners_lee ✉️ @lizshuler Open letters t… https://t.co/nI0RxJOwC1

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