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Trend time: Fri Jan 24, 2020
Trend location: Stuttgart / Germany
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Why are @Mercer at #Wef20 #Davos? We’re committed to making a more sustainable, brighter #future. From gender… https://t.co/CIXT7jjxtl

@KentPage (Kent Page) tweeted:

Did you know?

@BainAlerts (Bain & Company) tweeted:

“Every single #CPG company is trained to fight for competitive advantage against a narrow set of competitors. This… https://t.co/9TWAYOO2ls

@CNNMoneyCH (CNNMoney Switzerland) tweeted:

@KasUganda (KAS Uganda & S.Sudan) tweeted:

"The question of whether we will attain the Paris goals on climate change may well be one of survival for the whole… https://t.co/zoaBe220MJ

@business (Bloomberg) tweeted:

Volkswagen's CEO has a message for Elon Musk: We’re coming for Tesla #wef20 https://t.co/Mefh4lz2ml

@PwC (PwC) tweeted:

#Upskilling is critical to halting widening disparities in an increasingly digital economy. PwC’s @carolstubbings w… https://t.co/kTAzmloBUw

@wef (World Economic Forum) tweeted:

@tinawirnsberger (Tina Wirnsberger) tweeted:

Bäume: Liebste Ablass-Währung der Klimasünder. Meine heutige Klima-Kolumne via @futurezoneat inspired by Ankündigun… https://t.co/xvUuSapi6W

@PILLAY_CGLM (A.O) tweeted:

After how many years of the world's economy not becoming more diverse/inclusive/equal (insert buzz word here) can w… https://t.co/sJdmbazhtO

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