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Trend time: Fri Jan 24, 2020
Trend location: Stuttgart / Germany
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@IsraelinGermany (Botschaft Israel) tweeted:

Was für ein Moment: Mohammed al-Issa, der Generalsekretär der in #Mekka ansässigen Muslim World League, zusammen mi… https://t.co/ebm0FViXcX

@WorldJewishCong (WJC) tweeted:

In 1943, a group of patients in Rome fell ill with a mysterious disease: But the patients were not ill. They were J… https://t.co/d9RVbx02iX

@kibucnik (Kibucnik...) tweeted:

#WeRemember #NeverAgain #Auschwitz75 https://t.co/MJtpoTh8jb

@tariqahmadbt (Lord (Tariq)Ahmad of) tweeted:

On the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the UK renews its pledge to always remember and commemorate… https://t.co/VDKRFiVzhM

@HolocaustMuseum (US Holocaust Museum) tweeted:

Learn how a scarf and quick thinking on the part of her mother may have saved the life of 14-year-old Agi Geva when… https://t.co/vLXgUMuf3I

@UNESCO (UNESCO) tweeted:

The horrors of the Holocaust have to be known & never forgotten. Time to show that you care. Time to show that yo… https://t.co/cnYIPZ

@Landtag_Bayern (Bayerischer Landtag) tweeted:

Der Bayerische Landtag und die Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten laden heute in #Passau mit Vertretern #Tschechiens… https://t.co/rInuYxOfiR

@0Calamity (Crém-LaCommunardeMas) tweeted:

We cannot, must not allow hatred to divide us. We cannot, must not turn a blind eye to persecution. We cannot, must… https://t.co/MqJbQWBGq5

@spdbt (SPD-Fraktion im Bund) tweeted:

Auschwitz steht wie kein anderer Ort für die Gräuel der Nazi-Zeit. Am Montag jährt sich die Befreiung des KZ zum 75… https://t.co/Qpf85zdZfb

@WorldJewishCong (WJC) tweeted:

Photographer @LuigiToscano5 has spent years photographing Holocaust survivors. We are proudly opening an exhibition… https://t.co/dO3lS39Qb8

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