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Trend time: Fri Jan 24, 2020
Trend location: Munich / Germany
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@WinterOakPress (Winter Oak) tweeted:

The tiny amount Shell is putting into green initiatives is dwarfed by what it is still spending on investigating ne… https://t.co/t6hwTewXXa

@appcsocialmedia (APP ) tweeted:

Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI talking about Economic situation in Pakistan in his exclusive interview on @CNBC with… https://t.co/WpJdNEz0ry

@RegSprecher (Steffen Seibert) tweeted:

Kanzlerin #Merkel beim @wef in Davos zum Gegensatz Stadt und Land, Fakten und Emotionen – und mit einem Appell, mit… https://t.co/n7CdMX2fr6


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@GerdaVerburg (Gerda Verburg) tweeted:

My favorite #WEF20:Friday morning meeting: focus on connecting 2 integrate strategy + actions at country level: col… https://t.co/Wz3xc3Cspr

@kashthefuturist (Dr. Kash Sirinanda) tweeted:

5 terrifying ways humanity is damaging the planet >@wef via @kashthefuturist #WEF20 #Davos #Davos2020 https://t.co/9cUWi3yfFF

@HelenClarkNZ (Helen Clark) tweeted:

Stimulating #Davos20 events yesterday from @WPLeadersOrg breakfast focused on achieving #genderequality to #wef20 s… https://t.co/ZyQULL9QEo

@ecb (European Central Ban) tweeted:

Coming up today: President Christine @Lagarde discusses the global economic outlook at the World Economic Forum… https://t.co/P6A0ejj86e

@Refugees (UNHCR, the UN Refuge) tweeted:

Young people with extraordinary potential, new ideas and amazing energy to fight for a better world. These are the… https://t.co/vJyt1KhW8i

@petervanham (Peter Vanham) tweeted:

It was a momentous day for international politics at Davos yesterday. @ishaantharoor has the full story - reported… https://t.co/N51Hpcufon

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