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Trend time: Fri Jan 24, 2020
Trend location: Munich / Germany
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@antoonwerk () tweeted:

RT @RegSprecher: Kanzlerin #Merkel beim @wef in Davos zum Gegensatz Stadt und Land, Fakten und Emotionen – und mit einem Appell, miteinande…

@MorticiaAddie (khanda khul) tweeted:

RT @PILLAY_CGLM: After how many years of the world's economy not becoming more diverse/inclusive/equal (insert buzz word here) can we agree…

@Abhinandan_R (Abhinandan) tweeted:

RT @SadhguruJV: What a fortune for the chimpanzees that this wonderful woman fell in love with them. I tried but she said my beard is too l…

@naveedsheikh123 (Naveed Sheikh) tweeted:

RT @wef: "I always resolved that if I ever got the opportunity, I would make sure that we preserve this God-given beauty of our country."…

@Trendsetter_KE (TrendSetter_KE) tweeted:

In my opinion, #EducationAndTraining are key to driving impact in the workplace. Thanks @BofA_News for kickstarting… https://t.co/2avOuaisa5

@ssulayem (Sultan Ahmed Bin Sul) tweeted:

Meeting with business leaders and heads of state from around the world in Davos this week, we have made headway wit… https://t.co/QgAkh7sTU5

@peachybrets (A Balancing Bipolar) tweeted:

RT @Reuters: LIVE: Greta Thunberg speaks at #wef20 in Davos, Switzerland More #ReutersDavos coverage: https://t.co/d3MKULxHmv https://t.co…

@Lourden (Lourden Peña) tweeted:

RT @Syngenta: We support the UN #SDGs as a way to mobilize the action and innovation necessary to make a better and more sustainable world.…

@petervarnum (Peter Varnum) tweeted:

RT @orygen_aus: We’re delighted to have met with #global leaders to talk about #youth #mentalhealth at #WEF20 in #Davos this week. But we’v…

@Abhinandan_R (Abhinandan) tweeted:

RT @SadhguruJV: Glad to see the world is beginning to see Trees as a major aspect of restoring ecological balance. -Sg @JaneGoodallInst @d…

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