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Trend time: Fri Jan 24, 2020
Trend location: Bremen / Germany
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@HMSGOfficial (hmsgofficial) tweeted:


@SebOgier (Sébastien Ogier) tweeted:

SS5 Avançon - Notre-Dame-du-Laus 1 (20.59 km) ⏱️ 13'04.9 #RallyeMonteCarlo

@EsapekkaLappi (Esapekka Lappi Rally) tweeted:

SS5, "I struggling to find a rhythm. I was in a field for more than ten-seconds. I was driving on the limit and ove… https://t.co/pDoZHHeQR9

@AutoFmRadio (AutoFM) tweeted:

Una salvajada el golpe del @HMSGOfficial WRC de @OttTanak en el #RallyeMonteCarlo Gracias a Dios la tripulación del… https://t.co/OKsD7GtZ1Z

@bouzutanuki (井 坊主田貫) tweeted:

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@munepad_sexy (原田たいすけ) tweeted:

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