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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Manila / Philippines
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@TangaMoSir (Tanga Mo Sir™) tweeted:

Lagi kang ginagawang OPTION. #EdiOUCH

@TangaMoSir (Tanga Mo Sir™) tweeted:

Kilala ka lang kapag may kailangan. #EdiOUCH

@TangaMoSir (Tanga Mo Sir™) tweeted:

Inagawan ka ng pagkain. #EdiOUCH

@TangaMoSir (Tanga Mo Sir™) tweeted:

Pinakilig ka lang pero di ka mahal. #EdiOUCH

@TangaMoSir (Tanga Mo Sir™) tweeted:

Di lumabas sa exam mga nireview mo. #EdiOUCH

@TrendiePH (TrendiePH - Trends) tweeted:

"Trending Philippines:04:43 AM PHT" 1. #EdiOUCH 2. #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTikoy 3. #AyokoMagmahal 4. #Noynoyparin

@TTMobile_ph (TT Mobile PH) tweeted:

TT PHILIPPINES 05:24 1.#EdiOUCH 2.#ReplaceSongTitlesWithTikoy 3.#AyokoMagmahal 4.#Noynoyparin 5.Madalas IKAW 6.#DahilSaTwitter

@FashionKalerqui (Fashion KalerQui) tweeted:

RT @ruffagucherez: Pag ninakawan ko kayo ng tweets #EdiOUCH Whahahahahahaha http://t.co/yRQoIfsS8x

@iFafaRon (Ron Macatangay) tweeted:

Itext nga di magawa, mahalin pa kaya? #EdiOUCH

@bimby_kalerQUI (Bimby) tweeted:

And his boyfriend's balls, apparently RT @manila_bulletin: Darren juggles family time, career #EdiOUCH http://t.co/wZWrw5Fnl6

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