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@GennaShap (~*genna*~) tweeted:

@TillamookDairy & @gofooji - #NationalCheddarDay #giveaway -def keeping my #FingersCroSSed 4THiS one!

@OnlyJeanSeixasM (Jean Seixas Milner ) tweeted:

RT @TillamookDairy: #NationalCheddarDay lunch is so close we can taste it... So we figured we’d give you a little taste, too. Join us, @bon…

@dmellieon (Dmellieon) tweeted:

RT @SandyBoynton: It's National Cheddar Day. Say CHEEEEEESE! #NationalCheddarDay https://t.co/uPNzSt0irs

@fmallick (Faiza) tweeted:

@TillamookDairy #NationalCheddarDay #Giveaway

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @FartyCheddarCat: Mozzywella, Gooda, Bwee, Dere be no better cheez den me! And dat is why da world did say, Dat dere shud be a Cheddar D…

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