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@PlanetZuma (SabotEUr MNxaba ) tweeted:

@Geoffrey_Cox You've definitely secured your place in history as the man instrumental in @Conservatives being found… https://t.co/wgHzEnS6LC

@FAC_63 (Fac63) tweeted:

It'll soon be just Boris and Dom, sitting in their pants in No.10, eating Pot Noodles and shouting stuff about 'tra… https://t.co/9U3FFGqTXl

@Tom___Scott (Tom Scott) tweeted:

Oliver Dowden, now Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Minister, is a scion of the notorious PR firm Hill & Knowlton.… https://t.co/nTFF

@MJoloney (John Moloney) tweeted:

@sajidjavid The new Chancellor needs to smarten himself up a bit #reshuffle #SajidJavid #LiarJohnson https://t.co/V1T5dJOs5F

@PaulBrandITV (Paul Brand) tweeted:

Sajid Javid's resignation letter takes coded swipe at Dominic Cummings. Says government needs "trusted teams that… https://t.co/zFEcyr7AMZ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

The only surprise to me to come from the cabinet reshuffle was that the Prime Minister allowed Boris Johnson to kee… https://t.co/RzIeoqePEb

@dalkey04 (Dee) tweeted:

@huwbbc @BBCNews Boris Johnson..... #reshuffle https://t.co/2Pt8DRvTOa

@Kishan_Devani (Kishan Devani BEM) tweeted:

I suspect #BorisJohnson doesn't want to see this go around... I also suspect you know what to do...#reshuffle https://t.co/NFMqZqzboC

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Jeremy Corbyn is outraged because Boris Johnson forgot who paid for his holiday. When Jeremy Corbyn was made aware… https://t.co/C1tIqvsGQ6

@PaulBrandITV (Paul Brand) tweeted:

Latest appointments: James Brokenshire Minister in the Home Office Jeremy Quin Minister in the Ministry of Defenc… https://t.co/FyGywvQYWA

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