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@Michael1Cameron (Michael Cameron) tweeted:

Absolutely thrilled that @Helen_Whately is now a Minister of State @DHSCgovuk. She will be a true asset! #reshuffle https://t.co/rcYufLGpep

@davie5456 (Michael Graves, Esq.) tweeted:

RT @PlanetZuma: @Geoffrey_Cox You've definitely secured your place in history as the man instrumental in @Conservatives being found in Cont…

@ElliH53 (ElliH #FBPE) tweeted:

RT @Anna_Soubry: Genuine concern that as a hard line no deal Brexiteer with little experience she will not undertake the important role of…

@AntiProfessor () tweeted:

RT @MrKennethClarke: New cabinet: 1. Dominic Cummings Supported by Boris Johnson, Tea Boy. #reshuffle

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @peterpalmer901: @JamesCleverly @BethRigby @Conservatives @foreignoffice @DFID_UK James Cleverly was persistently dishonest and without…

@IMargolius (Ivan Margolius) tweeted:

New cabinet of stooges how predictable @BorisJohnson #reshuffle

@Rik_J_W (Rik W ) tweeted:

RT @PaulBrandITV: Latest appointments: James Brokenshire Minister in the Home Office Jeremy Quin Minister in the Ministry of Defence Hel…

@canontonyd (Tony Dickinson) tweeted:

RT @paul__johnson: ‘I’m goiing to give you an absolutely categorical assurance: I will keep Sajid Javid as Chancellor’ -Boris Johnson 18.11…

@BehyndU (A.G. Baya) tweeted:

RT @PaulBrandITV: Rishi Sunak set to be appointed Chancellor with one special adviser team across No 10 and No 11. Sajid Javid refused to s…

@KalDhatt (Kalvinder Dhatt) tweeted:

RT @AngelaRayner: Some Tory Ex ministers sacked by the PM in his #reshuffle now whinging and moaning. Sorry l have zero sympathy, you have…

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