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@rsmerrymerry (That's Me! ) tweeted:

Dennis, you so fake. Making fun of Alex cause he don’t have friends, then when he leaves, saying “I wish I could’ve… https://t.co/Ns6nSyTNl9

@EyesThighsLies (JACQUELINE BROYER) tweeted:

#60daysin Angel: Pee for me Shanese: I aint trying to get involved with that shit Angel: You gone get involved or… https://t.co/hh7Te1X72j

@JustaFan18 (Justa Fan) tweeted:

@misnsomething Dennis is so transparent & childish. Holy cow. #60daysin

@pizzabaratheon (Pizza Baratheon) tweeted:

There should be a graphic letting the audience know how long each inmate lasted. Have no idea if Alex last a week or a month #60daysin @AETV

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

LAST thing you should do if you have celiac disease is go to a prison program. They don't have an open buffet with… https://t.co/bxazBywy9l

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Damn I feel bad for poking fun at Alex, that dudes hurting, he’s really got some issues deep down in there. I hope… https://t.co/c4qxCZoYnr

@deniselita (STLBLUES/CARDS) tweeted:

Tony is a little to cocky. I'm not feeling him. #60daysin https://t.co/6NlTYpn7Ka

@tdunk62 () tweeted:

You know that Dennis for being a QB isn’t much of a team player. He could have thrown Alex a lifeline. #60DaysIn

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

STFU Dennis you had plenty of chances to take Alex under your wing and you didn't you helped push him to his decisi… https://t.co/QKbVhJfrJN

@NayaNay3791 (BABYFACE AIN’T COMIN) tweeted:

I wanna see Abner and Tony run a pod together. #60daysin

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