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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: Germany / Germany
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@fsfe (Free Software Founda) tweeted:

Although millions of users depend on #FreeSoftware, the people behind the respective projects usually remain invisi… https://t.co/pIzvIBYZGZ

@SKruij (Stefan Kruijer ) tweeted:

Thank you to the amazing community of developers working hard on free and open source software #ilovefs #foss

@fsfe (Free Software Founda) tweeted:

Hello, World! The #fsfe wishes a happy "I love Free Software" Day to all #FreeSoftware users, developers, contribut… https://t.co/5saDkQboSD

@kirschner (Matthias Kirschner) tweeted:

Dear @libreoffice community, thank you for constantly improving your office suite for millions of #FreeSoftware use… https://t.co/xszXxWoikl

@raivenra (Jorge Lama) tweeted:

I love Free Software Day #Ilovefs A nosa pequena contribución, a través de #Mancomún_Podcast con @braisarias :… https://t.co/yPkziIkKS9

@kdecommunity (KDE Community) tweeted:

Today is the @fsfe’s “I love Free Software Day” 2020. We asked six KDE contributors why they love Free Software. Ch… https://t.co/8XadwFUrI0

@kirschner (Matthias Kirschner) tweeted:

Thanks to the countless contributors of: #ArchLinux @CentOSProject @debian @elementary @fedora @gentoo… https://t.co/pTxczHg5mV

@fsfe (Free Software Founda) tweeted:

Love is like #FreeSoftware: It mulitplies when you share it. #IloveFS https://t.co/O6WR4SESgK

@OpenStateEU (Open State) tweeted:

We ♥️ Free Software. We maken het (♥️ onze devs) en we gebruiken het. Vandaag extra veel liefde voor de mensen die… https://t.co/A1vdT4WPZs

@bortzmeyer (Stéphane Bortzmeyer) tweeted:

Depuis de très nombreuses années, j'utilise du logiciel libre aussi bien professionnellement que personnellement. D… https://t.co/xmIlpiQmYq

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