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@SANDJournal (SAND Journal) tweeted:

@malachytallack discusses how places like Shetland are misunderstood, and highlights his frustration with the word… https://t.co/YK5qdDMLrP

@SANDJournal (SAND Journal) tweeted:

Panel now: Writing this world and others with @kirstylogan and @JayGYing, chaired by @louisewelsh00. Thinking about… https://t.co/QO18nDcok8

@ILFDublin (ILF Dublin) tweeted:

Great panel at #BritLitHamburg with @kirstylogan and @JayGYing, chaired by @louisewelsh00. Lively discussion of rei… https://t.co/vrjy1HPaVw

@SANDJournal (SAND Journal) tweeted:

@kirstylogan shares one of her favourite theories about the parallel between fairy stories - popular across Scotlan… https://t.co/HYHeQwgA4n

@deBritish (British Council) tweeted:

"When I'm trying to write, I'm trying to criticise this idea of the 'other'. I co-founded @ScotBAMEwriters to advoc… https://t.co/BxzICLSMtT

@SANDJournal (SAND Journal) tweeted:

@JayGYing talks about the institutional barriers faced by BAME writers in Scotland and the importance of fundamenta… https://t.co/vxvxicdVtD

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Having a GREAT time at #BritLitHamburg today @deBritish Read from #MrsWalker beneath a gorgeous chandelier. Listene… https://t.co/6d3zL32ozs

@SANDJournal (SAND Journal) tweeted:

Great point by @JayGYing about how the Scottish canon is already seen as oppositional to the English canon - but we… https://t.co/RBszzOnIkL

@melissaricher (Melissa Richer) tweeted:

@kirstylogan #BritLitHamburg on what influences her: “I love to read work by the new wave of Scottish writers, writ… https://t.co/po076dK4I2

@SANDJournal (SAND Journal) tweeted:

RT @melissaricher: @kirstylogan #BritLitHamburg on what influences her: “I love to read work by the new wave of Scottish writers, writers w…

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