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@tonydec3 (Anthony Jedi Knight) tweeted:

RT @abhsalonikas: Aprovechando el hype de #TheBatman y Robert Pattinson, en esta ocasión platiqué de porque es que Batman es uno de los sup…

@Srta_Ramsey (Cristina Castle ⎊) tweeted:

RT @Bosslogic: Last 2 for now, the strap and the face mask as requested :D

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @mattreevesLA: #TheBatman #CameraTest https://t.co/M1tAE2aTA1

@MattBornGames (Matt-B) tweeted:

RT @mattreevesLA: #TheBatman #CameraTest https://t.co/M1tAE2aTA1

@Doc_med_Moody (DocMoody) tweeted:

RT @shinobi602: Here's a better look at Robert Pattinson's Batman. The cowl is interesting. Has a bit of a Daredevil home-made look to it.…

@chrwevans (wonder woмan) tweeted:

RT @BatmanFiles: The Shoulder Roll™️ #TheBatman

@sebas325 (T@NiKu para T☀D☀s❗) tweeted:

Vamos con ese CUMBION y soy petiso y me la piso

@ani_charm (Charm'Ani) tweeted:

RT @_DCBRASIL: Se isso for verdade eu gostei do conceito! O símbolo no uniforme do #Batman são os pedaços da arma que mataram seus pais.…

@sombrifero (DIEGO) tweeted:

RT @altapeli: Con un poco más de luz... #TheBatman https://t.co/Z01Of2XjZe

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @IAmElisabettaB: "The metal that

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