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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: Nigeria / Nigeria
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@Ogagus (Ogagus) tweeted:

Chike is trending, without no sponsored effort. #BooOfTheBooless

@one_tobiboy (Savage.) tweeted:

RepostBy @officialchike: "#BooOfTheBooless

@Officialchike (ChiKé) tweeted:

Lovers! What is your favourite song off #BooOfTheBooless

@AboladeBobby (Abolade Bobby) tweeted:

L. U. V. *Listen

@Officialchike (ChiKé) tweeted:

Thanks Guys! This is surreal, I am still speechless. #BooOfTheBooless

@Officialchike (ChiKé) tweeted:

Tweet at me, ask me anything about the #BooOfTheBooless

@Officialchike (ChiKé) tweeted:

Please guys, help me thank @MI_Abaga, @RicHassani and @ZoRoSwaGBaG for joining me on this album, when most shut doo… https://t.co/4GxlbJlo39

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#ValentinesDay2020 #ValentinesWithNobody #ZenithValentineSurprise #Ultimate_LoveNG Love u #BooOfTheBooless Wher… https://t.co/XLySklaXXx

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I need a boo She has to be tall Chocolate complexion Figure 8 Straight legs Almond shaped eyes A mix of Mercy Chi… https://t.co/7061FIEVYC

@JOE_CEPH (SEGUN™) tweeted:

Chile gave us an album... @Iam_Evablazin thanks for plugging me into this awesomeness #BooOfTheBooless, PS: y'all… https://t.co/bzCegUaU8K

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