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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
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@CarolineVoaden (Caroline Voaden MEP ) tweeted:

European Parliament just voted on detailed resolution setting out EU approach to next stage of Brexit. Remarkable… https://t.co/Xf2fkH6yHO

@CarolineVoaden (Caroline Voaden MEP ) tweeted:

. @NathalieLoiseau : "We will not compromise on what we stand for: high standards to protect consumers, workers, pr… https://t.co/kOdzrQrtCp

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Boris has got his majority, got his Brexit deal passed and now has his loyal cabinet. Time to make the UK the best… https://t.co/vs5uw6EjdS

@FreeQuayBuoy (James ) tweeted:

So let me guess this straight, the Brexit logic is the EU will be nice and give us a good deal because we ask for i… https://t.co/s01KN1WM2Y

@zatzi (Annunziata Rees-Mogg) tweeted:

What Brexit needs, what the UK needs, is a Chancellor unafraid to challenge the economic orthodoxies of the mandari… https://t.co/fFw1vJhXyI

@WomaninHavana (Schona Jolly QC) tweeted:

“Rights don’t often seem as though they matter, until they do. By then, it might be too late.” Something I wrote 2… https://t.co/gEo3ULVeiV

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

As you know, the EU is a rules based organisation. It's not a do as you please capitalist club like the far-right B… https://t.co/aplSdJLJPW

@mgacramer (MarkC ) tweeted:

Colin voted for Brexit, Colin hasn't realised we are still in a transition period, Colin is stuck in a queue and th… https://t.co/54c3mWaD6w

@AlexTaylorNews (Alex Taylor) tweeted:

Je n'invente pas

@srdaine (Tiratore di fiamma) tweeted:

This is exactly the Brexit you voted for. https://t.co/t5O6PyW6QM

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