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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: New Zealand / New Zealand
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@ptoothfish (summer is ready when) tweeted:

snifters & orange-ade biscuits & tangy fruits were ALL SHITE in the first place - the bring-back-campaigns were arse https://t.co/rL

@ptoothfish (summer is ready when) tweeted:

Snifters, tangy-fruits, and Choco-ade biscuits were ass the first time around #KiwiTreason

@ptoothfish (summer is ready when) tweeted:

@David_Cormack @MegdeRonde @LachlanForsyth Snifters were nonsense, they weren't even ROUND, how you gonna roll a po… https://t.co/24YY6itEY8

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

[in bed] Me: I feel like a little snuggle, you? Her: That sounds nice :) Me: *hops out of bed. Returns with two… https://t.co/iUhekCyvtE

@x_chemicalism_x (Prolonging revenge t) tweeted:

Bring back Tangy Fruits, you cowards. https://t.co/JoUbXaLmDz

@Xenojay (Jordan) tweeted:

as a fan of Snifters, i don't look at this go "oh i'll try that for nostalgia!". i look at that & think "am i a fucking joke to you?"

@juliefairey (Julie Fairey) tweeted:

I try not to swear online in public but this can Fuck Off. Lumps are not Snifters. Bitterly disappointed

@AceMcWicked (Dan) tweeted:

Controversial opinion: You don't really miss Snifters, you miss the carefree days of your youth when you looked dow… https://t.co/skzZ0jiR0U

@Honey_BadgerNZ (Renee) tweeted:

Uuggghhh i am obviously going to buy some but fucking hell, just give us our snifters back

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Excited to try what many boomers have said I need to try

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