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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: New Zealand / New Zealand
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@3NewsNZ (3 News Headlines) tweeted:

#3News NZ: Rio Tinto still undecided on future of Tiwai smelter: Rio Tinto says it has no plans to res.. http://tinyurl.com/74me27

@SiMcmanus (Simon McManus) tweeted:

RT @PeterHodge 09 Roger Award finalists: ANZ BNZ Infratil Newmont Rio Tinto Alu. NZ Rymans Telecom Transpacific Westpac http://bit.ly/6188do

@norightturnnz (Idiot/Savant) tweeted:

Generally when you subsidise something, you get something in exchange. What did the people of NZ get for our $30 million to Rio Tinto?

@LetsfixthisNZ (Elephant in the room) tweeted:

@jeffieh @ShakingStick @nzben @ThomedySci @jacindaardern @winstonpeters @CTrevettNZH National did a deal with Rio T… https://t.co/JMxq8tmHxA

@EcoInternetDrGB (EcoInternet) tweeted:

Australia shares climb as Rio Tinto, financials gain; NZ up: Reuters https://t.co/ggKVvHAJlj

@EsquireEs (Esquire España) tweeted:

60 años después de que los ingleses nos enseñaran a jugar en la mina de Río Tinto, un 10 de febrero de 1929 arranca… https://t.co/QphWPJrGwC

@SBSNews (SBS News) tweeted:

New Zealand's environment minister has threatened Australian mining giant Rio Tinto with legal action over what he… https://t.co/eKacnjFcdw

@BrianBoruNZ (Brian Dixon) tweeted:

Yes!!! Thank you NZ Government https://t.co/35ZOI97QCA

@agustolafur (Agust Olafur) tweeted:

Hér hótar Rio Tinto líka lokun á Nýja Sjálandi ef þeir fá ekki lægra verð. Ég legg til að samingurinn um raforkuver… https://t.co/LnDvgeAYD7

@NZFirstNews (New Zealand First) tweeted:

We are outraged by reports that Rio Tinto has reneged on a deal to fast track the removal of 10,000 tonnes of hazar… https://t.co/iKqcBuSDvf

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