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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
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@ParamountUK (Paramount Pictures) tweeted:

If you like action, adventure, dancing, rings and hedgehogs then we've got the film for you! The ⭐⭐⭐⭐ #SonicMovie i… https://t.co/k298HZhx9U

@Sonic_Online (Archie Sonic Online) tweeted:

Happy #SonicMovie Day, everyone! Oh, and I guess it's #ValentinesDay too. Just remember, being single isn't the s… https://t.co/ZixmbKIEEH

@BlackMajikMan90 (The Moonlight Warrio) tweeted:

Both Birds of Prey and Sonic have Olive Garden product placement. - One film uses it in a smart and funny manner.… https://t.co/Sfp88uxFD1

@Snaggypeets (Tired Pom @FurnalEqu) tweeted:

@lolo_aburto (Lolo Aburto #SonicLa) tweeted:

Y el dibujo de hoy: ¡Todos a ver @SonicMovie ! #SonicMovie #SonicLaPelícula https://t.co/tdGkQ0xnif

@DDayCobra (Jeremy Prime) tweeted:

Nobody is divided - the majority of people are enjoying #SonicMovie It's obvious that Hollywood and the media want… https://t.co/9bOoxvL76t

@sonicsong182 (SonicSong182 ) tweeted:

#HappyValentinesDay everyone!! Here's a Valentine from all of us at SonicSong182 to you! The R O M A N C E episode… https://t.co/wK7otIjHtx

@Charriii5 (Charriii5) tweeted:

Alright, haha. I've made you all wait long enough. Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years and… https://t.co/ixy1Yku59j

@HyperPotions (Hyper Potions ) tweeted:

Btw if you didn’t know already, the #SonicMovie is amazing ❤️ so so so happy to have our song in it

@iamtikasumpter (Tika Sumpter) tweeted:

Happy V day! #SonicMovie out now!! https://t.co/tjbGMPq2Pn

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