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Tik Tok

Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: Panama / Panama
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@Cryptoterra (Bris Angel) tweeted:

kids these days care too much about tik tok and not enough about tiktaalik, the Devonian era half-fish half-tetrapo… https://t.co/jrmC35aVfF

@drdisrespect (Dr Disrespect) tweeted:

I have a simple request.... Get Tik Tok off my twitter feed.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Esta niña inventó Tik tok no tengo dudas. https://t.co/iOrx8ayaNi

@twaimz (issa) tweeted:

hush hush hush blush blush blush you are now my tik tok crush i’m single as i can be saw you on my fyp i’m gonna gi… https://t.co/n06cjx1uxA

@itskeyon (HOOD VOGUE is tired ) tweeted:

This girl created a whole dance that tons of tik tok’ers went mega viral for doing meanwhile her dance video only g… https://t.co/2tAQEgzprs

@itskeyon (HOOD VOGUE is tired ) tweeted:

Now you got tik tok’ers who gained thousands (probably millions) of views/ followers doing the dance she made and s… https://t.co/lituVe06X4

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I never saw the original until right now because the white kids on Tik Tok literally hijacked tf out of smh https://t.co/kxBPxhZNyq

@itskeyon (HOOD VOGUE is tired ) tweeted:

The way her version is like 100x better than the one tik tok stole and recreated........ a messss https://t.co/Y5X0sAy2hO

@jaboukie (giabuchi) tweeted:

no boomer but i will never get on tik tok i’m not sorry stop telling me to... that app is the most boring white sub… https://t.co/xcw2L9SjxO

@Kraech_ (trippie burgundyy) tweeted:

how i hand my ID to all the security now

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