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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: Portugal / Portugal
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Okay so these girls recording themselves tripping a disabled black child (which broke her nose) and the school has… https://t.co/eAsIVa0JMO

@RichPointofView (Richie | Photography) tweeted:

Being an introvert but people naturally being drawn to you is like living in a paradox.

@FabrizioRomano (Fabrizio Romano) tweeted:

Here we go! Hakim Ziyech to Chelsea, official. Big deal for next summer.

@Matt_Law_DT (Matt Law) tweeted:

Chelsea's Ziyech fee confirmed by Ajax as £33.36m, rising to £36.7m

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Chelsea FC African ballers

@GataFrida (Pirralha Onça Frida) tweeted:

DENÚNCIA!!! O coronel PM, presidente do ICMBIO tem ligado para os celulares privados de servidores da ativa e apos… https://t.co/sjR5TJAYq2

@hagginess (slob) tweeted:

as soon as the other boys started wearing the chelsea boots nct ditched them as soon as the other boys started wear… https://t.co/p6lP5zQ49G

@_najab (Gemini.) tweeted:

when a nigga starts getting ugly to you that’s the first sign that you’re over it.

@SaveManning (Chelsea Manning) tweeted:

DAY 338 of @xychelsea's incarceration, with $229,000 in fines. (February 14 2020) The petition at… https://t.co/LhOBiTXO3E

@Blue_Footy (Vince™) tweeted:

Atalanta have decided to trigger the permanent option in Mario Pasalic's deal. The Croatian will join La Dea outrig… https://t.co/inS6926Jn0

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