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@NEYvermind (ᜊ᜔ᜇᜒᜆ᜔ᜐ᜔ ) tweeted:

Ito talaga naaalala ko eh

@lengsungit () tweeted:

[ #TSIB6YEARS Giveaway! ] Three (3) lucky #TSIB readers will win a framed TSIB A4 poster! Thank you so much… https://t.co/rw7J5xneiP

@marapott (TALA) tweeted:

@lengsungit Chapter 45: My Favorite Book #TSIB6YEARS https://t.co/N7bUwvj9XO

@marapott (TALA) tweeted:

if you read the spaces in between on wp, there are only two possible result. it's either (1) you love it or (2) di… https://t.co/NVG41Ce47d

@beyatrisxx (tris) tweeted:

Bakit feeling ko ang tanda ko na? My age + #TSIB6YEARS

@geniusRKiveLab (ella ⁷ | BTS IS COMI) tweeted:

I'm gonna say it: ANDREAU CORTEZ RUINED ALL THE OTHER MEN THAT CAME AFTER. No one ever came close. #TSIB6YEARS @lengsungit

@MikeeDeang (cruel summer ) tweeted:

Shet. It's like Andreau's saying this to Zades. ❤ #TSIB6YEARS https://t.co/Dto9FZtcRy

@_jesuiag (master enabler | WHA) tweeted:

Happy #TSIB6Years!!! Iyak ulit tayo na nangyari to mga kapitbahay

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hindi kailanman magsasawa. #TSIB6Years @lengsungit https://t.co/mwXwi57riB

@colorfuniall (.) tweeted:

@lengsungit Chapter 38: Possessive Pronouns 101! My favorite part was when Zades said, “You’ll always be my guy, A… https://t.co/x1ofSRQzoo

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