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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico
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@nathan_quao (Nathan Quao) tweeted:

#SportsPanorama #SportsPanorama #SportsPanorama #SportsPanorama

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#SportsPanorama is airborne and it's on @Citi973 and it's on

@OJSarpong (α) tweeted:

Chale @KojoNketsia I think @Dani77k's name should simply be Nana Agradaa Acheampong #SportsPanorama

@majorlumor (Efo kɔku ®) tweeted:

Best valentine gift

@iamkorsiatsu (Korsi Atsu Julian) tweeted:

Dear @Fentuo_ it's with joy in my heart as I write this letter 2 u,a day the Lord has made for all Chelsea fans. It… https://t.co/kP0PMDwqa5

@Citi973 (CitiNewsroom) tweeted:

POLL: Whose 'gbaa' was more iconic? @Fentuo_'s attempts to pronounce 'Extravaganza' or @Dani77k's epic three at… https://t.co/QlSQjdypEw

@kwame_kissi (Oheneba kissi) tweeted:

My Fridays night always lit

@mensaduncan (Jude Duncan) tweeted:

I know I am broke, yes. But this whole idea of Vals DAY is overrated. cosss me ankasa, if I marry everyday will be… https://t.co/QvzeL8O5pt

@TrendsInGhana (TRENDS IN GHANA) tweeted:

Top 5 #TrendsInGhana

@ChristDeKing (EL-DAD) tweeted:

Ziyech >>>>>> Bruno @Fentuo_ @nathan_quao @KojoNketsia @Citi973 #sportspanorama

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