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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: South Africa / South Africa
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@DigitalRQ (Richard Quayle) tweeted:

Cupid Astaria is here to bring some more love for your Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

@PeteGreig (Pete Greig) tweeted:

Forgive us today we pray for this cheap, gaudy, hysterical, isolating thing we have sometimes somehow tried to make… https://t.co/3McwizjxcI

@edithmayhall (Edith Hall) tweeted:

Fact for #Valentine2020. The ancient Greeks would have put a liver not a heart on romantic cards as they thought it… https://t.co/N2weFSjkil

@stanleystizzywg (World PR ) tweeted:

Val series Vol 1 I'm not praying for more o, but share let's enjoy this for now PS: I dunno wharis going on… https://t.co/aYyzf3g1Sg

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Sharing Love What a wonderful world it would be if I could share my love with all of you, and all of you coul… https://t.co/rMFyB0lDuM

@PulpLibrarian (Pulp Librarian) tweeted:

Stan Lee, harshing on true love since way back... #Valentine2020 https://t.co/okjsmALsfB

@SuzannahBee89 (S Biz) tweeted:

#VALENTINEDAY #Valentine2020 #loveday #valentinesmusic #music #Valentines2020 #ValentineSongsAndMovies #spotify… https://t.co/CjnTsBEhZa

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

You say u dae relationship.. Yet nobody give u gift. U no even see bae eye today. Is your boo really your boo.?? #Valentine2020

@cartoonnetwork (Cartoon Network) tweeted:

Tag someone to send them a valentine!

@DoglostUK (DogLost) tweeted:

@SAMPAuk_ @VetsGetScanning @pettheftaware @MissingPetsGB #Valentine2020 Let’s help #StolenDog Kemo get home this… https://t.co/4eCdmDn0RM

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