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Trend time: Fri Feb 14, 2020
Trend location: Sydney / Australia
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@LGostin (Lawrence Gostin) tweeted:

This @TheLancet Comment #COVID19 is solid: adherence to rule of law, hum rts, & IHR are critical as countries respo… https://t.co/38ft4s

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Massive queue for masks spotted in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. #COVID19 https://t.co/JEOeceb96J

@palevell (Patrick Allan ) tweeted:

Are we starting to see some more accurate numbers out of Wuhan? Bejing has been firing health officials over Coron… https://t.co/vcltNbEtCr

@MauriceMartin01 (Maurice Martin ♦️) tweeted:

♦️#Coronavirus #COVID19 #Wuhan 100 millions de personnes en quarantaine,serais-je un oiseau de mauvais augure de di… https://t.co/e3D4mNVTll

@NoticiasONU (Noticias ONU) tweeted:

[ACTUALIZACIÓN] #Coronavirus #COVID19 CHINA 63.932 casos confirmados 47.505 confirmados en laboratorio 16.427 c… https://t.co/3jqR3YHOfF

@FacMedicinaUC (Facultad Medicina UC) tweeted:

China anunció el uso de una nueva metodología que disparó en más de 15 mil los casos reportados con #COVID19 en un… https://t.co/q3j1F7mX7W

@ChinaDaily (China Daily) tweeted:

#EverydayHero Gao Yongzhe and Huang Wenli, a couple who are both medical workers, celebrate their Valentine's Day t… https://t.co/6ch3aQt6Ki

@WilliamYang120 (William Yang) tweeted:

Southern India reported a suspected case of #COVID19 outbreak, causing 3218 being quarantined and the government is… https://t.co/fFbDvHb4Q4

@waltercurioso (Walter H. Curioso) tweeted:

#DigitalHealth technologies could make a difference to support the global fight against #coronavirus #COVID19 cc… https://t.co/zk5BbD9Coa

@AmbCina (Ambasciata Repubblic) tweeted:

La #Cina ha deciso di ricompensare i medici e gli infermieri impegnati a combattere il #COVID19 con un gran numero… https://t.co/cGVJ8Icf0L

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