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Trend time: Sat Feb 15, 2020
Trend location: United States / United States
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@Preciosa_Liz (Bella Elle) tweeted:

Using a shovel #KilledMyVibe https://t.co/UeoiHmmSyK

@_spudi () tweeted:

The batteries dying #KilledMyVibe

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Almost every thing he did #KilledMyVibe https://t.co/PUXLp6w10f

@chaconkie (Jerry Chacon) tweeted:

#KilledMyVibe Stupid pets..... https://t.co/Rtp6msV7Mf

@quickbear (Michael ) tweeted:

Destructive Interference #KilledMyVibe https://t.co/MKOIZyeeHn

@einfreakinstein (Stick It Where The S) tweeted:

Excrssive Overuse, #KilledMyVibe https://t.co/xK5W3Asnt2

@Preciosa_Liz (Bella Elle) tweeted:

Your trash #KilledMyVibe https://t.co/q4Ucvoaa1P

@Gentleman_John (One Patient Wolf) tweeted:

That paranoia #KilledMyVibe. https://t.co/9lgunjEtsJ

@SilipigniMario (Mario Speedwagon) tweeted:

Too much use #KilledMyVibe. - @Netjeretkhau, probably https://t.co/e32WRJyXla

@yellowboy1226 (Bmore Finest) tweeted:

Well damn .. that definitely #KilledMyVibe https://t.co/YPAt6QCC7c

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