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Trend time: Sat Feb 15, 2020
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@Seth_Guttman (Seth Guttman) tweeted:

oh give me a break #UmpShow

@blessyouboys (Bless You Boys) tweeted:

dang even college baseball has some serious #umpshow going on

@mrstlr28 (Someone) tweeted:

#umpshow moment in the NCAA

@RGKaylor93 (Rob Kaylor) tweeted:


@dickinsonjc (J.C.) tweeted:

#UmpShow during the Michigan-Vandy game

@KendallRogers (Kendall Rogers) tweeted:

Michigan’s Jimmy Obertop just got tossed for “showing up” the home plate umpire. That was ridiculous … #umpshow

@C_Clontz (Jeff Jackson Clontz) tweeted:

Nothing like killing a teams momentum after a game changing HR with a nice #UmpShow

@RedChuck6 (CWWingo) tweeted:


@pmcox (Phillip Cox) tweeted:

Yikes #UmpShow

@AwzRocks (Drew Osborne) tweeted:

#UmpShow at the Salt River Field. Come on. This was stupid. https://t.co/shrF8VcphD

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