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@TalkingWolves (Talking Wolves) tweeted:

@TalkingWolves (Talking Wolves) tweeted:

Wolves are the 32nd most financially powerful club in the world, according to the annual Soccerex Football Finance… https://t.co/LxJPmauUh8

@WWFCFancast (Wolves Fancast) tweeted:

Clear. And. Obvious. #wwfc #wolves https://t.co/v7jVWwysPx

@NathanJudah (Nathan Judah) tweeted:

Thanks Mike Riley for killing the game we know and love F**k VAR #wwfc

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Not sure how many times I've got to say it. The game's gone. How can anyone support this farce? #WWFC #Wolves #VAR https://t.co/JBdFxKGR9X

@mcooperwrites (Matt Cooper) tweeted:

Different game if Vardy plays #lcfc #wwfc

@NathanJudah (Nathan Judah) tweeted:

Nuno: Very good performance, we controlled the first half, we scored - we created a lot The law is the law but is… https://t.co/dGFweRFr4G

@WWFCFancast (Wolves Fancast) tweeted:

Just when I thought my love and respect for Coady couldn’t get any higher #wolves #wwfc

@ellawwfc (ella) tweeted:

Mike Dean has no clue, the linos has no clue, the fans in the stadium had no clue, the fans at home had no clue, NO… https://t.co/Z0d99QhcX7

@BloxwichWolf (North Bank Dave ) tweeted:

#var is being used as a "tool" to subdue or keep down teams like #wolves imo. It's awful and I'm going to be giving… https://t.co/FQWpuo4FcJ

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