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@boohoo (boohoo) tweeted:

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@boohoo #boohoo Every valentines I’ve spent on my own or with my family! I don’t seem to have the best of luck wit… https://t.co/W16T24zQLc

@dixiechix78 (Emma) tweeted:

@michellethelamb @boohoo Please #boohoo give michelle some vouchers because she really is amazing ! She has sent me… https://t.co/47TQa4GaQH

@sophiedalyx (Sophie) tweeted:

@boohoo I would love the voucher to make me a glam mom instead of looking like a zombie 24/7 #Valentine2020 #boohoo

@michellethelamb (#SheepQueen!!) tweeted:

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@Richerich09 (Richie Rich) tweeted:

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@Richerich09 (Richie Rich) tweeted:

@boohoo Buy all my clothes from @boohoo @boohooMAN #boohoo have since you launched years ago

@coll1986 (colleen ) tweeted:

RT @Kati3_kit_kat: I don’t get why we have to pay tv licence. So what the bbc doesn’t have adverts that’s there fucking choice not mine!! #…

@JanineSomorin (JSo) tweeted:

@boohoo #boohoo because I have 5 children, and honestly because I love clothes and fashion!! I only wish there was… https://t.co/tFJat7bN7h

@Isabel_Hether (Issy) tweeted:

@boohoo Because I love love! #boohoo #valentinesday2020

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