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Trend time: Sat Feb 15, 2020
Trend location: Germany / Germany
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@kirschner (Matthias Kirschner) tweeted:

Thanks to all contributing in the @kdecommunity !! Keep up your "cool" work for #SoftwareFreedom even if it not in… https://t.co/994wT4pPxN

@edri (EDRi) tweeted:

Today is #FreeSoftwareDay and we send lots of

@op3nus3r (OpenUser) tweeted:

Merci Linux, Merci Firefox, Merci VLC, Merci LibreOffice, Merci Gimp, Merci Krita, Merci Thunderbird, Merci KeePass… https://t.co/XPviKUMzL3

@debianhackers (DebianHackers) tweeted:

Citando a nuestro compañero @puntodeb "Gente, hoy es un muy buen día para dar las gracias a quienes dedican tiempo… https://t.co/BVtwLsI3Se

@WikimediaItalia (Wikimedia Italia) tweeted:

Nella giornata di #SanValentino anche noi abbiamo una dichiarazione da fare: amiamo il #softwarelibero! E voi? Cogl… https://t.co/8i1Kympl70

@kirschner (Matthias Kirschner) tweeted:

Thanks @doctorow for raising awareness about #SoftwareFreedom issues in your writings and especially doing that for… https://t.co/HP621VvWMx

@DS_Stiftung (Stiftung Datenschutz) tweeted:

Heute ist nicht nur #Valentinstag, sondern auch Tag der freien Software - daher sagen auch wir mit der @fsfe:… https://t.co/TINwpCq3Qp

@IperiusBackup (Iperius Backup) tweeted:

What could be more romantic than spending your time writing code and improving the work of so many developers aroun… https://t.co/naWpo26gBq

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Preparats per celebrar #ilovefs, t'hi esperem! ☺️ https://t.co/uUobrQei11

@kdecommunity (KDE Community) tweeted:

“I love free software because it empowers people (Lydia Pintscher @nightrose ).” #ilovefs #ilovekde https://t.co/Nl2tCXjeuK

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